Oh Do kwan

Oh Do Kwan was one of the original martial arts schools (“kwans”) that opened in Korea after the end of World War II.

General Choi Hong Hi developed Oh Do Kwan (”gym of my way”) in 1953 from two of the oldest Korean martial Arts, Tae Kyon and Bulkyo Mu Sool, and the Japanese martial art of Shotokan Karate Do. Though initially founded as a school for military training, Master Choi soon developed a civilian branch, which would eventually be known world wide as Taekwon-Do. Some of the documented patterns, or forms, that are unique to Taekwon-Do were first taught in Oh Do Kwan. This set of forms, known as the “Chang Hun tul” set, were designed primarily by General Choi, with assistance from Nam Tae Hi and Han Cha Kyo. 

Oh Do Kwan as we teach it today still shares its patterns with Taekwon-Do and has many other similarities with that art but holds strong to its roots in Karate and the older styles of Korean martial arts from which it was founded.

Oh Do Kwan is a traditional hard style martial art which teaches you how to maximize your power with minimum effort, and embodies a philosophy and practice meant to be integrated into daily life. Doing so will help you achieve the balance and harmony of a true warrior. 

Blue Dragon Dojang Oh Do Kwan is a martial art for all walks of life. From bone conditioning, to body strengthening, to preparing the mind for the hard and pressing situations that can arise at anytime in this journey we call life,This is old school training at its best. Learning to use the body as an extension of one’s art is something that can be obtained with hard work and practice in the venerable art of Oh Do Kwan.

Come train in the discipline of Oh Do Kwan With Sensei Joshua Copson “Whenever anyone comes to me, my goal is to make them a martial artist, not just teach them martial arts”

Adult classes Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-8:00pm 

Youth class Thursday 4:00-6:00pm 

Youth and Adult class Saturday 1:30-3:30pm

Monthly fee: $50 for 1 day a week $70 for 2 days a week $80 for 3 days week 

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